Get Involved

Contributors direcly supply used materials or coordinate with us to pick up materials that is no longer needed.

Local contractors, builders and residents are encouraged to donate their useable lumber and building supplies rather than dumping them in the landfills.

To arrange drop off or pickup of re-usable materials please contact us at: 250-462-7431.

Members support our ideas and actions

If you want to support us and want to get involved in the decisions and actions of the society you can join the society:

Basic annual membership $5

To join, come to one of our meetings (next date on main page), visit us at the upcycling centre and/or use register with the link on this page.


Volunteers are our foundation

We always welcome new volunteers to help us with running the store, salvaging material, upcycling projects and events.

If you are interested in joining us with your helping hands and creative mind please pass by the Upcycling Centre.

We are looking forward to see you soon!

OUR activities produce a triple win culture.  
A win for the people involved, our communities, and the Earth.