About OURS

OUR projects are based upon the three Dragon Dreaming principles:

Personal growth – commitment to our own development

Community building – strengthening the communities of which we are a part, and

Service to the Earth – enhancing the well being and flourishing of all life.


 Our Vision

  • Reduce regional carbon footprint
  • Reduce landfill waste
  • Create employment, education & skill development
  • Contribute to community economic development


Our Mission

To empower our communities by repurposing materials into useful commodities thereby reducing the impact on local landfills.


Our Purpose

  • To divert useful materials from landfills
  • Repurpose these materials into value added products
  • Encourage a sustainable flow of community resources
  • Employ marginalized citizens
  • Be inclusive, forward thinking and innovative
  • Educate and reskill our community


Our Skills

  • Environmental Project Management
  • Training & Employment Skills Development
  • Community Building
  • Marketing, Networking & Fundraising
  • Recycling Engineering
  • Building Design & Architecture
  • Construction & Building Material Salvage
  • Administration & Accounting
  • Proposal and Grant Writing


OUR Board

  • Bernadette Otto
  • Rick Hatch
  • Jenny Anne Knibbecke
  • Deb Thorneycroft
  • Edward Ecclestone
  • Lise Ecclestone
  • Arnd Zschocke


OUR Community Partners





OUR activities produce a triple win culture.  
A win for the people involved, our communities, and the Earth.